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10th March 2005

foxcrane1:41pm: Update
News. Whitney is carrying my baby, I have told her the truth. And thats the good news. Bad news is. My half brother Chad still wants to be with her. Its sick, Its just sickeninng.
chad_harris1:40pm: There is so much to tell.
All in all. Whitney is my sister, I can't get over the fact she is my sister, The worst part is. I can't get rid of theese feelings for her. I still want to be with her.
ethanwinthrop1:37pm: Long Time
Well where Do I been begin? As you all know my wife Gwen stabbed Theresa, Theresa is now paralyzed and in a wheel Chair. Sherdian just found out her mother was alive at the wedding to her and luis. And Now Katherine has takin off in the crane jet. And worse of all my wife kidnapped my child with theresa baby jane, and fled the country. We are hoping that we catch her soon.

28th May 2004

kinggilgalad3:26am: *walks in*

*glances around*

Ah, so this is my new home.

YOu!, rbign me wine, immediately! I have tarried too long over my skill and am like leadwith woe.

Yes,yes, in this mysteriuos place... I find...

a soulmate?

16th April 2004

tacosita8:29pm: Yesterday
Yesterday was along day. Saying goodbye to Little Ethan was one of the hardest things I have ever had to go through in my life, if not the hardest. I can't believe I have lost my little boy, and I feel as if I have lost him forever. It's just not fair. Rebecca and Gwen blame me for Sarah's death and this is how they have gotten their revenge. Not to mention, putting my family and I out of jobs, and making us lose our home. I don't know what I would do without Fox, he has been so great though all of this, I am so thankful for him.
Rebecca made me a deal. She wants me to leave town, forget about my son, and she would make sure my family and I are supported for the rest of our lives, I just don't know. I can't turn my back on my son, but on the other hand, I need to be realistic, I don't see myself getting him back. This would be a good thing for my family and I, but I just dont know

25th March 2004

auven9:17am: Fan Festival 2004 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Photos from last weekend..
taken from www.nbc.com

22nd March 2004

auven9:39am: Auven Cafe
Please take a few minutes and check out the *newest* Passions
community. It is updated at least 10 times a day. Once a member you can
post and comment into the community. Please join auvencafe!!

19th November 2003

ibean2:36pm: finally they are going to show the
gwen storyline again. ENOUGH with
the grace sam david thing. jeezus!

4th September 2003

preciousmonkey4:39pm: I'm so in love with Luis...

*deep monkey sigh*

5th August 2003

foxcrane6:40pm: LA
Chad, Whitney and I are living in LA now. Chad had to come out here for his job, and there was no way I would let Whitney leave. They are living with me in the Crane apartment. I had Chad called into work so I could spend some time with Whitney. Chad's working with this hot new singer Syd. I can tell she wants Chad, maybe we could work together to break Chad and Whitney apart, who knows. Theresa has come out for a visit. All she can talk about is Ethan. Dinner is ready, so I better stop here.
Current Mood: devious

24th July 2003

xxcarmelaxx3:16pm: come on now...
passions is getting ridiculus! the whole precious thing is so corny. i understand that passions is an 'out of this world, never really would happen' kind of show, but still...its stupid! passions needs to get a better storyline for that! and can sumone tell me why whenever beth, charlie, or edna r in the basement and are 5 feet away from the pit, talking in their own voices, y sheridan cant hear them? seriously tho! come on now!!
Current Mood: bitchy

19th July 2003

minako_chan3:22am: Ooc.

( Hiya. Sorry, I hate interrupting posts, I just didn't know where else to ask for available character spots. I'd love to play Mrs. Wallace, being as I have a journal for her and I haven't seen her posted in a while, even though it says she's taken. But if it's out of the question, I'd like to play good 'ol psycho Charlie. Rofl. Well, let me know. Thanks! )

8th May 2003

foxcrane11:07am: The Lovely Whitney Russel
I think I have fallen in love. I am going to win over Whitneys Heart. Her voice is so soft and calm. I am in love.
Current Mood: accomplished
chad_harris11:04am: Job Offer
I am suprised that I have gotten that offer to Los Angeles. Its going to be great. Only it would make things better if Whitney would come with me. Fox has been a good friend lately, he helped me stand up to that jerk T.C. I hope T.C. gets whats coming to him. I can't believe he can't see that Whitney and I love each other. And Eve was way out of porportion.
Current Mood: amused

8th April 2003

jessz8:25pm: Is Ivy taken yet?

Who's left?

24th March 2003

jcraneesq2:09pm: The truth is out and what a luscious truth it is. The whole Bermuda wedding was a sham, a joke, a trick played on Theresa and I by my friend Bruce. A drop of sadness for Theresa may exist since she was no more to blame than I, but it nevertheless frees me of one more of my erstwhile wives. Our score so far, Ivy is gone and now resides with the Bennetts and now... oh the joy of it... Theresa will be gone as well. The little Chiquita Banana will be out in the barrios where she belongs. There is a god after all.

J Crane
Current Mood: ecstatic

21st March 2003

paloma_lofitz11:50am: Spring Break!
Yay I'm on spring break! I tried to go to Harmony to visit my family. I still haven't seen my brother Antonio since he found the rest of my family. I really don't understand why, either. Theresa told me that after she rebuilt the house with all the Crane money, that they'd be able to afford to bring me back to Harmony to stay with the rest of the family. I miss Mama.. and Theresa is my only sister, and sometimes I really wish I had a sister to talk to..

20th March 2003

sheridan__crane12:09pm: Hi everyone, I'm new here. I'm looking forward to talking to you all, and being a part of this community.
Current Mood: cheerful

14th March 2003

chad_harris9:42am: Dam't
Well mine and Whitneys secert is out. I can't believe that Simone caught us having sex. I told Whitney that it is going to hurt when she finds out. And Simone went ballistic. T.C. has a major issue. I can't believe he jumped to conclusion. I am glad that Eve is on my side. I will not stand for the way T.C. handle things. I am sorry Simone but I love Whitney not you. I also can't believe that they wouldn't let me get a word in. T.C. has all the answers. Well you know what Coach Russell at least I can control my temper.
foxcrane9:40am: Julian and Rebecca
I burnt my arm in the fire, I saved Luis and Sherdian. Thank God for my Aunt. I am sure I got some points with Theresa. Julian and Rebecca are up to know good. Julian Claims that Theresa and Him are not married. I wonder how that is possibly. Well I guess we just have to wait and see.
Current Mood: amused

12th March 2003

dhastings2:11pm: John made the dean's list. I am proud of my son. He was excited to tell Grace. We went over to the Bennetts and Grace was indeed proud of John.

I went into Ivy's room without knocking. I caught Ivy sitting nude in her wheelchair. She was expecting Sam of course. I wish I could warn the others. None of the Bennetts or anyone else for that matter realizes the full extent of the hell Ivy Crane has planned to inflict on them, noone at all. Well, I could say except for those of us she is blackmailing.

Current Mood: anxious

10th March 2003

dhastings2:25pm: I've neglected my journal again, but it is only because I spent a good bit of time at the Bennett home where life has been interesting. Kay did tell Sam and Grace what she overheard during my conversation with Ivy in the park, but then Kay turns around and changes her story. The girl is up to something and that worries me.

Ivy nearly died at the Bennett home. Her wheelchair rolled backwards down the Bennett's stairs. We heard shouting from the top of the stairs and it seems likely as Ivy claims that Theresa Crane pushed her down the chair. Theresa claims she didn't. Why didn't Ivy just go ahead and die. I wouldn't have the threat of her hanging over my head or John's. It was interesting to the point of amusing that Grace had a vision of Ivy fighting to stay out of Hell while Ivy was technically dead. Knowing Ivy, it was probably real.

Oddly enough, I wish the same fate for Eve's sister Liz. Liz is working on a plan to ruin Eve's life and marriage. Eve told me the whole sordid tale. My question is why did Julian Crane take up for Eve while Eve was trying to explain the whole thing to T.C. It was the oddest conversation. Eve told the story of she and Liz while Liz filled in details and T.C. has still not caught on. And then there was Julian's part in the conversation. Crane does not strike me as a man to feel remorse, sympathy or empathy for anyone.

Current Mood: contemplative
jcraneesq1:50pm: Much has occurred in the past weeks since my last entry. The most important item to date is the information Rebecca's informant gave us. Did I say gave us? For a million dollars to a sleezy low-life who I found wanted to kill me. The fellow had worked for Crane Industries at some point and had a proverbial axe to grind with father and I for what he claimed were unfair business practices toward employees. Unfair practices? I think not. All is fair in business as in love and war. Let the employees beware.

Which brings me to Theresa's latest actions. The little Spanish fly is giving away Crane moneys by the million to charities in the name of 'making the Crane name one to be proud of'. She's out of her mind. I am quite proud of the Crane name as it is, thank you very much. A name to be feared with a fortune to match. This information from the informant on Theresa should do the job of ousting Miss Taco Bell from my life. Father will not support Theresa after this shocking information is revealed to him. To the barrio with you, Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald.

I was so close to having Ivy out of my life, but alas Bennett and Ethan, brought her back from the edge of death. I'm not surprised that Grace saw Ivy trying to escape the bonds of Hell. Hell is where the woman belongs. Sam Bennett, get out while you still can. Having Ivy is not so pleasant a thing as wanting her I can assure you.

And then there is Eve Russell. Why did I not stand up to father for the love of Eve. If there is one mistake I will admit in my life, it was letting Eve out of my life. And that sister of Eve's. The witch is plotting to ruin Eve's life and marriage to T.C. Eve, dear, trust me, if the worst happens, I will bring you back into my life.

Well, I shall close for now. I hear the music of can-can. Rebecca, my can-can beauty, your Talous Latrec is ready and willing....

J. Crane
Current Mood: contemplative and horny

4th March 2003

foxcrane6:41pm: Wow My Stepmommy is Sure fun
I was at the bennet house and my mother almost lost her life. Things have been really bad off between Theres and mumsy. I am sure she is trying to get back with Sam. Theresa is turning the Crane empire upside down. She is giving all the crane money away. She is giving it to all these charitys. Thats a good thing. Sherdian and Luis were trapped in the cottage. Luckily I jumped through the window and saved them. So I feel like a hero. I wish Theresa would really learn how much I like her. I burnt my arm in the process of trying to Save them. But I feel good about myself.
Current Mood: aggravated
chad_harris6:39pm: What A Day?
First Whitney breaks up with me because sheis afraid that Simone is going to try and kill herself. Then I go over to the Crane Mansion to talk to Ethan, And Theresa is giving away all the Crane money. Then Phyliss comes out of the back room and tells us that the Cottage is on fire. Fox jumped inside the Cottage to save Sherdian and Luis and burnt his arm in the process. After all that had happend. Whitney realized how much I mean to her. We are differntly going to tell her parents and Simone about us.
Current Mood: amused
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